The messages from this project are very clear. Do visually and print impaired pupils benefit from accessing materials electronically? Definitely yes! Should more materials be made available? Definitely yes! Should the access technologies be provided? Definitely yes! So come on everyone, you now need to make it 'business as usual' in our schools.
Jim Russell, Project Manager

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This project has been undertaken by the Dolphin Inclusive Consortium (Dolphin Computer Access, Inclusive Technology, University of Southampton and RPM Associates). We would like to thank all of the following people from inside and outside the Consortium for their significant efforts and support. We have not referenced the schools involved directly for confidentiality reasons, but our biggest thank you goes to the staff, pupils and parents from schools in and around Oldham, North Tyneside and Durham for supporting the project, coping with the difficulties and providing us with the evidence on which this report is based. We would also like to highlight the roles of Kay Wrench and Carol Allen in gaining the support and trust of schools and pupils and making all of this possible, and EA Draffan for wading through the mass of information gathered.

The Project Team:

Kay Wrench, ACNS Team Leader, Visual and Physical Impairment, Oldham Carol Allen, SEN/ICT Advisor, North Tyneside EA Draffan, University of Southampton (Evaluation) Noel Duffy, Paul Lynch, Simon Kitchen and many more, Dolphin Computer Access (Provision of access technologies, central project services, school support and Maths expertise) Ian Bean and Jamie Munro, Inclusive Technology (Training & technology delivery) Jody Walsh, Emma Parry, Lesley Mohamad and Ben Warren (Book quality control) Vishal IT (Book production) All of our Specialist Producers Jim Russell, Project Manager, RPM Associates