I think the project has helped raise awareness for teachers of the difficulties some of the youngsters have with writing and that an alternative medium of recording on the computer is perfectly acceptable and may actually be better.
Deputy Principal

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Draft Guidance for School Implementation

The following points are offered on a draft basis to provide simple guidance for schools wishing to build on the approach introduced by this project. It is hoped that follow up work to this project will establish full guidance for all stakeholder organisations.

  1. Plan and scope your initiative
    • Which and how many pupils?
    • Are you thinking about how all pupils can use electronic media?
    • What materials are you going to create and store electronically and where are you going to get them from?
  2. Ensure a whole school approach
    • Involve Head, Teachers, SENCO, ICT and Assistants, pupils and parents; ensure everyone understands what is required from them
    • Appoint a champion
  3. Establish or confirm policies and procedures
    • Storage and use of files on your Learning Platform
    • Use of laptops and other portable devices in school, including insurance, network and learning platform access, internet access, changes to the ICT environment
    • Use of laptops at home, access to the internet and learning platform, insurance, e-safety, parental obligations
    • Guidelines and procedures for the creation of accessible electronic materials by teachers and support staff e.g. worksheets and presentations, including what should be included and when and how these should reach the pupils that need them
    • Ensure that everyone understands the copyright limitations of published materials
  4. Choose your service providers, and organise
    • Selection and purchase of technologies, both hardware and software, including support and maintenance agreements
    • Set up of technologies, including individual personalisation by pupils
    • Easy reference guidelines
    • Progressive training
  5. Target and source externally produced electronic materials
  6. Monitor and support pupils and staff
    • Review progress and establish regular plans for ongoing support and development