Children with vision impairments go into their secondary school behind their peers for the sole reason they have not had the correct input; parents and schools do not know about the options available. They need alternative formats that are near to what their friends use as they do not like to feel different - they need to fit in and you can help by producing work that doesn't make them feel that there is something terribly wrong with them. If it is on the laptop it has their friends saying - wow that is cool.
Parent of Visually Impaired Pupil

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This project has now ended and the project team is no longer in place. The following will endeavour to respond to enquiries about the project, but are under no obligation to do so.

Noel Duffy, Managing Director, Dolphin Computer Access.

Ian Bean, Special Projects Manager, Inclusive Technology.

EA Draffan, Learning Societies Lab, ECS, University of Southampton.

Carol Allen, SEN/ICT Advisor, North Tyneside.

Kay Wrench, ACNS Team Leader, Visual and Physical Impairment People Communities and Society, Oldham.

Jim Russell, Project Manager.