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A Legacy of the Project: Over 130 textbooks available for print-impaired learners

This project has created electronic versions of over 130 commonly used textbooks. A legacy of the project is to make these books available to every learner with a print impairment (including dyslexia and visual impairment) in the UK.  Schools and local authorities should check the list of books that can be ordered through RNIB before producing textbooks themselves.

The textbook files are provided in Word 2003 format. They have been deliberately designed to be appropriate and flexible for students with a print impairment.  They can be read as they are by the learner using a computer to change the settings (for example the background colour and font size), with access technology, or can be converted by staff or learners into large print, braille or audio.

Many of the books also include descriptions of images including pictures, graphs and diagrams to help visually impaired learners.

Which textbook titles will be available?
For a full list of all the textbooks available please visit www.rnib.org.uk/textbooks

Each CD will include a selection of converter and playback tools to help you and your learner use the electronic version. 

How much will they cost?
Each textbook title will cost £2.99 (this price is to cover RNIB's distribution costs only) and includes postage.

When can I get them?

How do I get hold of them?
Teachers or support staff will need to complete a Purchase Order and Declaration is available to download from www.rnib.org.uk/textbooks or you can contact RNIB on 0303 123 9999.  The Declaration will ask for your details, confirmation that the learner has a print impairment and that a print copy of the book requested is already owned. Once a completed Purchase Order and Declaration have been received, RNIB will send you the electronic version of the textbook(s) on a CD together with converter/reading tools.

Further info
For further information on the terms of using these electronic textbooks please visit www.rnib.org.uk/textbooks